Answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS by the Patients / Customers
  • Why choose Modern Diagnostics for doing tests?

    Leading Consultant Doctors who refer their patients for Digital X-Ray, Pathology, ECG, Audiometry and Sonography testing to Modern Diagnostics trust it for its High Quality, Accurate and Reliable testing procedures and results… with its best quality equipments, materials and professional staff. Our charges, as compared to other high quality laboratories, are very reasonable.

    This "HIGH QUALITY" testing at a very "REASONABLE COST" in “LESS TIME"... is considered excellent "VALUE for MONEY” by most of our patients and customers.

    'Unethical Comission / Cuts' are not given for 'Referrals' by us, which help keep our cost to patients very reasonable.

  • Which tests does Modern Diagnostics do? 
    What are their charges?

    We do more than 2500 different Digital X-Ray, Pathology, ECG, Audiometry and Sonography tests. 

    The 41 most commonly advised tests and their charges are given in our Printed Price List. The names of other less common tests and their charges can be enquired from our Reception.

    In case of some rare / super-specialized tests, that we may not be doing, we guide the patients to other laboratories or hospitals which are more convenient and beneficial to them, where the same are done.

  • What are your Laboratory timings?

    We are open daily from 8am to 7:30pm, without any break. We are closed on Sundays.

  • Do you come for Home Visits?

    Yes, for Pathology (Blood / Urine/etc.), Audiometry and ECG tests. But for Digital X-Ray and Sonography investigations the patient needs to come personally to Modern Diagnostics..

  • Are there any Pre-Test Instructions to be followed for the
    Digital X-Ray / Pathology / ECG / Sonography tests?

    In some tests specific Pre-Test instructions are to be followed like: "Fasting for 12 hours" before certain blood tests, "Avoid X-Rays being taken" for Pregnant Women, "Drinking of 3 to 4 glasses of water and to avoid passing urine – to keep the bladder full" before Sonography of Lower Abdomen / Obstetrics, etc. But for most X-Ray, Pathology (Blood / Urine / etc.), E C G, Audiometry and Sonography tests there are No Pre-Test instructions to be followed.

    The Reception would inform you if any Specific Preparation or Pre-Test
    instructions are to be followed, as per the requirement of the test.
  • Is there a Lady Technologist / Assistant available for the Blood Collection, Digital X-Ray, Sonography and ECG of a Lady Patient?

    Yes, for Lady Patients, Lady Technologists / Assistants assist the Specialist Sonologist (MD) during Sonography procedure, the Radiologist (MD) / Radiographer during Digital X-Ray procedure, in recording the ECGs, and doing the Blood Collection.

  • When can I collect the Report of the test done?

    The time for collecting your Test Report is written on your 'Investigation Memo Slip'. For most tests it is usually at 6 pm on the same day. For a few special tests more time is required.

  • Is it possible to get the Test Report earlier — "Urgently"?

    Yes, if it is possible, when required by the Doctor in an emergency or for the patient's convenience, we do try to deliver Test Results "Urgently"... done on our Fully Automated Systems.

  • What does my Test Result indicate ("show")?  Is it Normal?

    Individual laboratory investigations results may not be conclusive, but should be used along with other relevant clinical examinations to achieve final diagnosis. Therefore only medical professionals or referring doctors who understand the information and interpretation of the reported results and limitations of technologies should give the opinion on and decide the Indications and Normality or Abnormality of the Test Result/s. The patient is required to ask his/her referring or treating doctor to clarify the same, not us.

  • Do you do the HIV test?

    Yes, we do the HIV test, using one of the most accurate and advanced international 4th Generation Antigen and Antibody CLIA System (US FDA Approved), having a very early (within one week of infection) detection, on a Fully Automated Abott Architect SR 1000i (USA) Analyzer.
  • How often should one have a "Preventive" Health Check-up testing done?

    If you have been healthy, and above 40 years, once a Year "Annual Health Check-up" testing is recommended.

    For 20 to 45 years persons, to conduct a "Quick Cost Saving" screening of their body to diagnose diseases in their early stages, the "Basic Health Check-up Profile" is recommended. It costs Rs. 490/- only, in our special Promotional Offer.

    For persons above 45 years, specially having History of diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc. in the family, the more detailed "Whole Body Profile" is recommended.