State-of-the-art Quality, Accuracy & Reliability
'ARCHITECT i1000SR' Chemiflex (Refined Chemiluminescence / CLIA) Immunoassay Analyzer, ABBOTT (USA)
  400mA X-Ray Unit: GE Medical Systems (USA), 'with Low Radiation'
‘HF Advantage’ 32kW, 400mA, 40 - 125kV
Generator (2nd Generation > 50kHz).
  DIGITAL X-Ray (Computed Radiography)
System, CR 30-X Digitizer, AGFA (Germany).

‘GEMINI’, Automated Microplate
Elisa Processor, STRATEC

Biomedical Systems (Germany), for
HIV 1/2 Ag-Ab, HBs Ag, HCV, etc. most sensitive & specific testing.
  'GLOBAL 240' (BioSed Italy), Fully Automated Random Access Discrete Biochemistry Analyzer, 240 Tests/Hour, STAT priority, with Computer System.   'SYSMEX XP-100' Automated Haematology Analyser, SYSMEX (Japan).

  • ‘Labo-Med LX-300’ : Binocular Laboratory (Research) Microscope.

  • ‘SCHILLER : Cardiovit AT-1 Smart Print’ ECG Unit ( Switzerland).

  • ‘i Chart Lite’ LCD Eye Vision Test computerized monitor with remote : for measuring Visual Acuity, Colour Blindness, etc. x 2 units.

  • Drystar 5302 Printer, AGFA (Germany), with NX 2.0.6805 Computer System & Software, CR 30-X MD 4.0 T General Cassettes x 6, for Digital (CR) X-Ray Films

  • Medi X View MXV-1B Medical LED X-Ray Illuminator.

  • “TANITA” (Japan ) Weighing Scale, Model BWB-800 (Digital, Electronic, Professional Quality).

  • Panasonic (Japan) Plain Paper Fax KX-FP701 with Copier.

  • Panasonic (Japan) Advanced Hybrid KEY Telephone System :
    6 Lines x 16 Extn.

  • Closed Circuit TV, ‘I Catch’ Digital Video Recorder & Online Mobile Monitoring System with 12 Advert (USA) CCTV Colour Cameras & Philips 32" LCD Colour TV, & 7” LCD Colour TV, etc.

  • DAIKIN (Japan) Inverter Airconditioners
    x 8 units (2.2T x 2, 1.8T x 1, 1.5T x 2, 1T x 3).

  • Computers Networked
    in all Departments and many other necessary Equipment
    for providing High Quality and Reliable Services.
‘VESTFROST FKG 371’ Laboratory Refrigerator (381Lts.) with Temperature Controller and Temperature Display (Denmark).


using state-of-the-art
micro - controller circuitry for
Audiometry ( Hearing ) Test.